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European Energy Investments
Energy Project Development and Investment Services


EEI provides the resources needed for each project by;
  • Working with associates as required to support each assignment
  • Working with partner companies in each host country to provide local knowledge and contacts
  • Using our international network of associates and partners to satisfy the specific needs of each client
  • Working as a sub-contractor to other consultant companies when appropriate

Associate Companies

EEI has a wide capability in the development of energy projects, but for some projects we need to call on expertise from outside the immediate group. For example, in some cases external input is needed to increase our capability within a particular country, or we may need to make use of expertise in a specific technology. To meet this need we can identify and access a wide range of services and power project expertise to meet your specific project requirements. Using our international network of associates and partner companies we can ensure that we make the necessary manpower and expertise available for all phases of a project.

Join us as an Associate

We invite professional individuals and companies working in the energy sector to work with us as associates. This enables us jointly to respond to a wider range of requests for services from customers across the energy industry. Contact us today for more details.